North Korea to Build its Own Tablet

 After the former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il declared himself an expert in the field of technology and Internet, it has come the time for his son and his successor, Kim Jong Un, to prove that he is also a fan of technology. According to information provided by the official agency KCNA, quoted by NorthKorea Tech, the socialist monarchy in East Asia claims it is preparing to launch its own tablet.

Information published by KCNA present a tablet about which it is said that would be developed and manufactured in North Korea, although the device will most likely be made in China.

Photos illustrating the news present the North Korean workers checking the devices – a strategy that has been used in the past when North Korea claimed that it builds laptops. Later it was shown that they were produced at a factory in China.

The North Korean will be named “Achim” (Morning) and will offer “educational materials, references, dictionaries and scientific data”. The news provided by the KCNA is accompanied by several photos, including one that depicts a real North Korean Steve Jobs who holds the tablet in his hand.

Regarding the photos that present the manufacturing process, none of these present the elements of a production line. With one exception, workers do not use any tool. The most generous interpretation of the images would be that workers in photos only check the functionalities of the tablet to be released.

All these elements suggest that, most likely, the tablets are actually produced in China and then imported into the North Korea.

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