Sony Prepares A Hybrid Running on Windows 8

After various portable systems with Windows 8 have been announced lately, now it begins to circulate over the Internet images that have all the chances to be real, with a variant of such product developed by Sony.

As far as can be seen from the images published by Pocketnow, we are talking about a compact hybrid, very similar to the Asus Eee Pad Slider, with a slide 11-inch screen and with the much coveted Windows 8. Although we have not many specifications about this device, we have learned that it includes, even in those few millimeters thick, a backlit keyboard. Given that in the images above is also present a stylus, it is likely for that touchscreen to work very well with it. However, due to the fact that are many chances that the inclusion of a stylus in the framework to involve the inclusion of a Windows 8 Pro as operating system, is neither completely excluded that Windows RT to be the operating system chosen.

Seen for the first time several months ago at CES, in a form similar to the product in the picture, it looks like a compact and simple gadget in terms of design. As a possible release date, those from Sony could wait until the end of October, when the new Microsoft operating system will be officially launched.

While such matters might go unnoticed, the completely different design from what Microsoft is trying to do with its Surface deserves full attention. Although I’m sure Microsoft does not pull very hard to the Surface design’s uniqueness, especially when it comes to partners, it’s nice to see yesterday a Samsung, today a Sony, both with design influences from Microsoft nonexistent.

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