Logitech K810 – Wireless Keyboard Designed for Windows 8

With the launch of the new Microsoft operating system, most peripheral manufacturers are clamoring to show us accessories dedicated to the new Windows 8. Logitech already showed us a sample of the “Made for Windows 8” gadgets, and the K810 keyboard will just complete this portfolio.

In the arsenal of gadgets in the house have inevitable appeared tablets and smartphones. Given that Microsoft wants to transform a PC into a tablet using Windows 8, a keyboard for all devices is a great idea. The one below is called Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 and can be connected simultaneously to three devices.

Logitech K810 – Wireless Keyboard for Windows 8

The Swiss peripherals manufacturer has chosen a common way to connect PCs, tablets and smartphones: the Bluetooth mode, somehow managing to be present on all types of today’s gadgets.

From many points of view Logitech K810 is very attractive. It’s wireless, illuminated and comes equipped with rechargeable battery. The support of the keys is made of polished aluminum and the keys have been laser engraved. The keyboard is very compact, so the numeric pad and keys PgUp, PgDn, Home and End are missing.

Illumination can be adjusted automatically and manually on multiple intensities, and for battery saving, was implemented a presence sensor for hands. The keys are illuminated only when the user has the fingers over them.

The keyboard can be charged through USB and has an autonomy of 10 days with the battery fully charged. Thanks to the easy-to-use USB cable, the keyboard can be used while charging. K810 also has an on/off button, while the light indicator displays the battery discharge level.

Even if designed specifically for Windows 8, Logitech K810 is also compatible with iOS and Android. Keys F1, F2 and F3 have as alternative function switching the device to be controlled, meaning that you can easily switch from a document opened on the PC to a Facebook update on the tablet and then writing an SMS on the smartphone.

Priced at $100 in the U.S., we should expect a price of about EUR100 in Europe.

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