Tablet Asus Nexus 7 Sold Over 5 Million Copies

The 7-inch Asus tablet, created under the famous brand Google Nexus, has been bringing record profits for the manufacturer and has a substantial contribution in promoting the Android operating system.

If all goes as planned, by the end of this year, Nexus 7 will be sold over 5 million copies. The achievement is more impressive since we are talking about a tablet launched in July, the resulting volume of deliveries tending to an average of 1 million copies every month.

According to information provided by Asus, Nexus 7 counted only in the period of October nearly 1 million copies shipped, a trend that will also be preserved during the month of November, being supported by the start of the Christmas shopping season. In comparison, at the launch, tablet Nexus 7 started with a volume of 500,000 copies per month, which almost doubled in the fall.

Even if in a volume of 1 million copies delivered monthly, tablet Nexus 7 is still far behind some well-known competitors such as Apple iPad, the first Google Nexus tablet is among the most successful Android tablets so far.

The introduction of Nexus 7 3G and Nexus 7 WiFi with 32 GB is a measure to ensure an on-going success for the small, yet powerful 7-inch Asus tablet, while the release of Nexus 10 in partnership with Samsung will strengthen the brand Google Nexus in the Android tablet market.

Certainly both the Asus Nexus 7 tablet and the newly-launched Samsung Nexus 10, will still face serious competition from Apple, which has just refreshed its iOS product offer with the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini series. It is certain that Apple’s dominance in the tablet market seems not to be that categorical as in the past, more and more users being attracted by the lure of Android tablets, now seen more competitive than ever.

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