Sharp Prepares 4K Resolution PC Monitor

Sharp will launch a monitor for PCs that will be capable of rendering 3840×2160-pixel images over an area of 32 inches, but enough to impress any professional in image editing or PC gaming enthusiasts with “deep pockets”.

The first 4K resolution monitor from Sharp uses a LCD panel made with IGZO technology (indium gallium zinc oxide), very promising in terms of image quality. Among other things, IGZO technology allows the manufacturing of LCD screens with low coefficient of filtering incoming light from the LED source, capable of providing high brightness without raising the energy consumption in an excessive way.

Helped by an LED light source, similar to those found in the current generation of LCD TVs, the screen with an actual resolution 8.3 megapixels can be accommodated in a casing with a thickness of only 35 mm and a narrow frame.

Known so far as Sharp PN-K321, the monitor can play the video content received through DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity, while for the sound it includes a set of 2-watt power stereo speakers and connector for headphones with 3.5 mm jack.

Sharp PN-K321 will be available initially only in Japan, where it can be bought starting from in February next year at a price of $ 5,500. Even with such a prohibitive price those interested must hurry because Sharp offers the new monitor in limited series, with 1500 copies made each month. Hopefully, with the increasing production volume in the anticipation of an international launch Sharp will also bring the price accessible to a wider audience.

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