Nokia To Launch Smartphone with Aluminum Casing

Nokia has entered the Windows Phone world with its smartphones made โ€‹โ€‹of polycarbonate, a durable plastic material and appreciated for its durability and finish. However, after Apple has made sensation for using aluminum for the iPhone 5 casing, Nokia wants to do something similar for its next flagship.

Although Lumia 920 has won many appreciations and positive feedback from users and the press, it seems that Nokia will drop this format of smartphone in 2013. For the new series of smartphones to be launched this year by Nokia, at least for one of the models, the Finnish manufacturer will go with an aluminum casing, instead of polycarbonate.

The transition described above will most likely occur with a device currently called Catwalk. Only by using aluminum such a device will be able to be much thinner and lighter than current models. Thus, competition will be fierce between terminals from different top manufacturers. Another possibility involves the launch of a new flagship with aesthetic changes and aluminum, but similar internal specifications to Lumia 920, the manufacturer’s current flagship

In addition, the first rumors mention other two Lumia devices that will hit the market this year. Although we will see all the new models from Nokia in a few months, there was a feature worth considering. During the launch of Nokia N8, the former producer of Symbian devices was already embracing anodized aluminum for the adopting an appearance of exclusive product. In other words, radical design changes that Nokia wants to adopt will be the last redoubt that the manufacturer can make in order to clarify customers whether the failure of Lumia devices is due to the operating system or design.

For now there are no details, not even if Nokia plans to stop using polycarbonate in favor of aluminum on the entire range of Lumia smartphones. However, it is possible that the Finnish manufacturer to present next week at the Consumer Electronics Show, a prototype model of a smartphone with aluminum housing.

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