HP Wants To Return To The Tablet Market By Launching An Android

HP giant, ranking first among PC manufacturers and one of the largest providers of enterprise solutions, was not as inspired when it mapped out strategies for the handsets and tablets markets. The company has offered for terminals and PDAs based on Windows Mobile many years, but the rise of modern platforms caught the company unprepared, HP making wrong steps only.

In 2010, HP spent $ 1.2 billion to acquire Palm and the new manager Léo Apotheker made ​​a series of mistakes that led to the collapse of the shares by 40 percent within a year. In addition to weak financial performance, the new manager had the idea of ​​outsourcing the PC division, halted on time by his dismissal, and the complete abandonment of WebOS and plans for new tablets and mobile phones.

According to sources close to HP, the company wants to return in this increasingly important market, but it will not going to make it with WebOS, which is now an hardly relevant open-source product, neither with Windows RT, which the company stopped using last summer. Instead of these two platforms, HP will choose the popular Android and the first product, a tablet, is already in production.

A product of the upper class, the upcoming HP tablet could be the first product of its kind that will use the new NVIDIA Tegra 4 solution, which was launched at CES 2013. Currently, there is no information about this product, but choosing a strong solution can only mean marching to a top solution.

HP has launched a laptop based on Google’s Chrome OS and coming closer to Google would be beneficial for both companies. In addition to tablets, HP also plans to return in the handsets market, but this will not happen this year.

We do not know when we will see the new HP product, if the information from sources will come true, but NVIDIA will launch its own product Shield only in the second quarter of this year, which means that Tegra 4 chips, so neither the HP tablet will be ready by then.

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