A revolutionary digital bracelet

Among the professional world, doctors are an entity that are usually deemed the most careful of the lot. Dealing with human lives on a daily basis, the medical staff has to be on their A-game at all times. But sometimes it so happens that some hygiene regulations might get overlooked by the medical practitioners, which may lead to devastating consequences. That is where a simple yet revolutionary digital bracelet by an Israeli company by the name of Hyginex comes into play by reminding the medical staff to wash their hands before interacting with a patient.

The need for such a monitoring device

Almost 100,000 patients die because of some healthcare-associated infection every year, in the U.S. alone. These infections may be because of a number of reasons but many of them have been associated with negligence by the hospital staff when it comes to proper hygiene.

These healthcare-associated infections have become one of the most serious dangers to a patient admitted in a hospital. Between the periods of 2005 and 2011, Belgium took the initiative to make the hospital staff aware of this danger by launching four campaigns.

While this initiative did lead to an increase in the awareness, nothing could completely stop the healthcare professionals from dropping the ball every once in a while under stressful situations.

What is inside this Bracelet?

This revolutionary bracelet is quite an ingenious idea at fighting this very serious problem. It looks like a watch except that it has no display. It functions basically by a combination of movement sensing elements that are inside the bracelet, including a gyroscope. Other than these sensors, it has an LED light inside it which flashes to let the doctor know of the need to wash their hands.

How does it work?

Hyginex has not only created this bracelet, they have also made sensors that are integrated into dispensers for soap and hand sanitizers. These dispensers are usually placed next to each bed so that when the doctor approaches the patient, the bracelet wirelessly connects to the sensors in the dispenser to detect whether or not the doctor’s hands meet the hygienic standards.

In case these standards aren’t met, the bracelet gives the medical practitioner a reminder through the LED. It also monitors whether the hands are being washed correctly or not and even checks for the standard minimum time that is required to wash hands properly.

Other than these functions, this digital bracelet also sends all this data to the hospital managers who can then be aware of the hygienic practices of their staff members.

The founder of Hyginex, Efrat Raichman states that this invention will help save a lot of lives. It will also save a lot of money that the hospitals have to pay whenever an infection occurs due to bad hygiene. This innovative bracelet is truly a revolution in the medical world, bringing digital means of maintaining certain health standards and giving the doctors a much needed reminder in times of stress to wash their hands carefully, and also providing the patients with a peaceful mind when being operated or checked upon.

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