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How to run BitTorrent on Apple TV

by tomek on August 20, 2009

appletv transmission How to run BitTorrent on Apple TV

Another great work from Danny! He has published a tutorial explaining how to install transmission (bittorent client) on the Applet TV and run Clutch web-interface to control bittorrent from browsers.

To get through this new tutorial you first need to enable SSH on your Apple TV (check out Danny?s previous tutorial). The new hack is generally based on installing transmission, MAMP web server and Clutch.

It?s then possible to control the Clutch even via the iPhone.

 How to run BitTorrent on Apple TV

Users had reported some errors but the problem seems to be solved now, after Danny made some corrections. Go to the comments to learn more.

Check it out!

applianceIcon02 aTVitter   the first Twitter client for Apple TV has released the first Twitter client for the Apple TV ? aTVitter.

For the present, the application lets you access and display the three timelines: friends’ timeline,  your own timeline and the public timeline.

atvitter01 aTVitter   the first Twitter client for Apple TV

It?s also possible to display the detail view of a selected tweet.

aTVitter tweet aTVitter   the first Twitter client for Apple TV

In order to read your and your friends’ timeline, you need to login to your twitter account using the “Settings” menu. To logout, simply delete the current user name in the Setting menu.

settings aTVitter   the first Twitter client for Apple TV

aTVitter also provides full iPhone integration for the Twitter account maintenance.

aTV iphone aTVitter   the first Twitter client for Apple TV

aTVitter it?s free and can be installed via the free base version of PatchStick 3.0 as well as via the newest Update 2.4a

Patchstick?s team ensure they are working hard to release more features soon. Full Twitter account management would be nice and the layout improvement – more than welcome.

Contact to post suggestions, opinions and ideas of any kind.

hacking apple tv

On his blog, Danny has published short but exhaustive tutorial on how to hack the Apple TV to run boxee, XBMC and enable an external hard drive.

In just four steps he explains how to create and install a patchstick, access Apple TV and enable external USB drives. He ensures the whole process is completely free.

Read the article here.

NitoTV Take 2 0.7.9 released

by tomek on July 21, 2009

nitoTV1 NitoTV Take 2 0.7.9 released

The latest NitoTV Take 2 version improves Gesture Support in MPlayer and DVD Playback, fixes various bugs and adds subtitle size toggle for MPlayer.

What?s exactly new in 0.7.9?

· Fixed gesture issues in DVDPlayback and MPlayer playback. The “options” button in the remote app is mapped to “hold menu” for changing between keymaps in DVD and MPlayer playback.

· Fixed Smart Installer bug for DVDPlayback framework stub not being moved if update was preformed rather than a restore.

· Fixed one crash bug in adding suffixes, blacklist volumes or MPlayer arguments (there is still another elusive bug that casuses some crashes there).

· Fixed another file browsing crash bug.

· Added subtitle size toggle for MPlayer (only works to toggle between the default fonts installed with nitoTV, Arial-14 – Arial-24). As dafranca noticed on forum  – ?This will help many foreign speakers, because the default font size was Arial-14 (kind of very small), and to to changed it has required same knowledge on shell?.

Find the 0.7.9 AppleTV version here

Follow the discussion about the latest NitoTV?s releases at

And in case if you have never had an opportunity to read this article:

nitoTV ? one plugin to rule them all

Source and more at

Waiting for the new Apple TV

by tomek on July 10, 2009

new apple tv Waiting for the new Apple TV

There are a lot of rumors and expectations about new Apple TV last time in the Web. Although Apple has never said a word that they?re going to release new device, it seems like people are very impatiently waiting for the new ’shiny box of joy’.

A few days ago Michael Wolf from GigaOM asked on his blog: what?s next for Apple?s living room strategy? ?Some have speculated they will produce their own television, others might suspect a Blu-ray player could be on its way? he writes and thinks it is time for Apple to refocus its attention on atv device: ?Since the launch of Apple TV, the company has launched its app store, pushed into gaming, and started offering HD video content on iTunes (?) Add it all together on a refreshed box, and it could be a potent combination? claims Wolf.

GigaOM has asked their readers to share their perspectives. We summed it up and added some other ?web?s voices?. Here you have the most frequently repeated expectations:

-    Media streaming (Hulu, Netflix, Pandora,, etc.)
-    Blu-Ray/DVD/BD drive
-    App store access with ability to run iPhone apps on the Apple TV
-    App/widget channel for news, sports, stocks, weather, etc.
-    Live TV ability
-    Expanded gaming ability
-    Full Social Networks support
-    Support for 1080p content
-    TiVo functionality
-    HD video chat
-    Possibility to play ISO files without having to hack ´n crack
-    Desktop support and flash enabled web browser
-    A built in iPhone/iPod dock and Sync
-    Dual Cable Card slot
-    Price staying around $200-300

Feel free to suggest your ideas in the comments section.

All you want to know about 2.4 update

by tomek on June 29, 2009

apple tv 01 All you want to know about 2.4 update

It?s been a few days since Apple released its 2.4 software update. Time to sum all the rumours up! But first, let?s take a look at new features that come to our ATV devices:

Remote app directional control: Control your Apple TV with simple finger gestures via the Remote app. This feature requires Remote 1.3 running on an iPhone or iPod touch with iPhone OS 3.0.

Flickr Search: Search Flickr photo tags to find recently updated photos of interest. Save searches to quickly find new photos or use as a screen saver for Apple TV.

New view options: View movies By Genre, By Movie, or Unwatched. View TV Shows and Podcasts By Date, By Show, or Unwatched.

Updated transport and chapter modes:During video playback, click right or left to fast forward or rewind. Additional clicks increase the speed. Click down to show chapter markers.

Updating Apple TV software is more than easy. Check it out here.

Certainly the most important feature is a support for controlling Apple TV from your iPhone or iPod. You can control audio or video playback by flicking left or right to rewind or fast forward. Flick down to show chapter markers when watching video and then flick left or right to skip. You can also tap the screen to play/pause either video or audio.

24update01 All you want to know about 2.4 update

As TUAW reports, their in-house Apple TV geeks, Megan Lavey and Christina Warren, both installed the updates and gave them a try. ?Megan indicated the gestures were quick and responsive, and coupled with the ability to use the iPhone/iPod keyboard to search for shows, the new versions made it much less tedious to navigate through your shows¨.

This video seems to confirm these observations.

The main question for many ATV users was if boxee will be running on the device after updating? Boxee quickly responded to that kind of doubts, tweeting: ?if you upgraded your Apple TV to 2.4: run patchstick again, update launcher, download latest boxee and you’ll be back boxeeing? ( They also reposted a short tutorial ?so how do i get boxee on atv?? on their forum.

On various forums users confirmed the full boxee functionality on ATV.

According to awkwardTV, 2.4 update works fine also with XBMC Media Center 9.04, NitoTV Take 2 0.7.6+ (but isn’t able to install Perian) and LaunchMore. But they also reports some problems:

  • Divx (Perian) has no audio when installed like this or by this article “Install_Perian(it’s maybe related to “fooled” files);
  • SoftwareMenu right from atvusb-creator (mac b10) causes Finder to crash, had to ssh and remove frappliance, then downloaded latest version and it is OK now;
  • ATVFiles (Version 1.2.0 (479)) crashes when browsing files.

We?ll be following all 2.4 update-connected news and will inform you immediately.

What?s your favourite boxee app?

by tomek on June 19, 2009

boxee What?s your favourite boxee app?Guys from boxee certainly don?t waste their time and can be now proud not only of boxee?s high popularity but also of its fast-growing community. More than 40 apps were developed in response to their App Dev Challenge. The apps are being successively incorporated into boxee. If you still haven?t tried it out on your TV, you can take a look at some of them on boxee´s blog and vote for the best one in each category. Polls are open till June 22nd.

Winners will be announced at boxee event in San Francisco on June 23rd.

atv flash loop pointer1 Using Loop Pointer now possible with aTV Flash aTV Flash version 3.6 is now available. This new version includes the newly released Couch Surfer Pro and AirControl applications.

Couch Surfer Pro adds mouse/pointer support, easier navigation, and faster page loads. Couch Surfer Pro is everything you love about the Internet right on your AppleTV.

AirControl beta adds support for the new Loop? Pointer from Hillcrest Labs. Consumers who use aTV Flash (version 3.6 with AirControl) will be able to use the Loop Pointer to navigate menus, control video and browse the web with the flick of a wrist.

This new version is available for both Mac and PC. Current customers will have access to the new version immediately in their online account.

Find more at aTV

appletv software1 Latest Apple TV related software updates

There have been some software updates lately released and announced:

Jaman , a movie download service, has released new version of their Jaman Player that lets you synch Jaman and other movies to your AppleTV. Here you?ll find how to watch Jaman movies on your AppleTV.

aTV Flash, a patchstick that enables installing plugins and other applications on Apple TV, has released 3.5.5 version of their installer program. This version includes a number of efficiency improvements for the installer application as well as support for the popular Hotspot Shield application that enables private web browsing. New aTV Flash has been released for both Mac and PC.

Finally Boxee announced that their Windows version, earlier available only for invites, will be open to all June 23rd.

boxee published an update about its App Dev Challenge:

see you at Mezzanine! – we were able to book Mezzanine in San Francisco as the venue for the event on June 23rd. following our meetup in Webster Hall in NYC, we thought we should find a similar place in San Francisco.

how to build a boxee app – there are now two examples of boxee apps that could serve as a good starting point for building your own app. the first one is ThruYou and the second is songza. if you have any question about the API or the development process you can check out the boxee dev forum, or connect with idan on twitter.

boxee logo Boxee?s App Development Challenge ? UPDATE

Drobo + 4TB – our friends at Seagate are sponsoring 4TB of Barracuda drives for each of the 3 Drobos we are giving away at the event. Drobo + 4TB is my personal setup at home, connected to my Mac Mini over the network and serving all my videos, music and pictures. it is excellent!

ideas for boxee apps – want to build an app, but don?t have a specific idea? you can look at what people are asking for on getsatisfaction, search on twitter, look at services with open APIs, or just think of what you?d love to see on boxee and is not already there. fred wilson will be happy to see someone build a La Blogoteque app.

As with the previous event, there will be a new version of boxee released on the night of the event which contains updated features and content.

working on a boxee app? let us know

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